Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sanity Returns...

Not bad...not bad at all...

Blogging hasnt disinterested me yet, isnt tht a good news for people who know me well? ;) freaking restless, thats me. Happened to read "Lets Rewind" a few minutes back. Being completely honest to Mr. blogspot, the template, the look and feel impress me a great deal. it makes me want to post something here i go.

Poetry...thats where i express myself best. Less words, more assumptions...where i can set myself free...soar in any direction, go anywhere, understand and evince just the way i want to. Its again the war between keats' heard and unheard melodies...where i stand by the UNHEARD. Be my guest and dont you dare judge me!

For the first time, i cull them out from the worn out pages of my DIARY! Amen!
One Step Ahead
You said that memories jade with time,
You were right, they did...
Somewhere beyond the clarion azure
the obscure nights have hid.
i can breathe again, in and out...
i can walk in the rain,
i can feel my sanity return,
After the feel, ''i'm insane"...
You said my pain would perish with time,
You were right, they did...
Unlearnt the artless lessons of life,
My cosmos I forbid.
i laugh and can bear the echo again,
i gaze at the starlit sky...
i have instilled my faith anew,
To believe that assurance do live by.
Yet a wounded soul who,
Waits for the clock to tick by,
Waits for that last breath,
For all yesterdays to DIE!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

ThE FiRsT cOnTeMpLaTiOn!

Being a techie in the least...have never been a savvy so much so to believe tht things like bloggin are worth sharing feelings with. A torn diary seemed just perfect all these days.:)

trying this for the first time...donno y.... till when...equally clueless...

Night s the perfect time to rewind the worn out pages...what worked, what didnt, the whys, the hows and most importantly the

I'm sure Blogging isnt a place to brood and I'd never do tht anywaz...i dont BROOD...;)

Got to believe..."When your dreams turn to dust its time to vacuum!" Lol...

thought its essentially a good place (if not perfect) and time to vaccuum! The first step towards it....LETs REwIND...

Minds going blank, coz i m not supra what bout carrying this on some other day? A warm self welcome to the world of blogging...

Good be continued...:)