Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My first show..."THE MAGNUM OPUS"

First love...

was just thinking if that 's supposed to be a censored issue on blog...:D more so, when the "ex wex"...is a part of the same platform where my blog is widely visible...lol

But guess, i m carrying that "who cares the heck" air around me today, so thought i'd share it nevertheless...

I started pretty early in life..lol...not getting into the pros and cons of it...just one incident and one part of my action towards it, which is pretty close to me, even today...

The dude was an amazing artist. Have to agree. Still believe that was the best thing about him. And hey, when I draw or paint or sketch...rather any action of that genre...I am a little more than terrible. :) After all, if a sketch of a cow has to be labelled " A cow" so that people don't mistake it for a dog...what does it say of my skill? Hehehehe....
One valentine's day.

i still remember receiving greetings with amazing cartoons sketched on them, which would make any dame drool on it, regardless! ;) I, of course didn' t have the option of returning something back with the same excellence...

Even drawing a perfect heart shape thingy was being over ambitious for me...and i stay away from herculean massacres...lol. The only heart i remember drawing was for my secondary biology class...with arteries and veins and god knows what what...running between here and there making an ass of themselves...:D Just managed to pass on those...

Love is blind but Cupid would still curse me if i used those for my St. Valentino...:P

I thought i'd write something to match the skill...and that got a little arduous...

Rest is history...Amen...lol!

Let everything change……except you !

When the dawn will start with moonbeams
And daylights will be dark,
When dogs start saying “ Meow Meow”
And cats will do the bark.

When morns are spent in sleeping
And nights are for the jobs,
When happiness makes you cry so much
And smiles in place of sobs…

When earth will be at standstill
And Sun will move around,
When lights will be all darkness
And horns will make no sound.

When ice creams will be medicines
For fever, cold and cough,
When answers will be asked in tests
And questions will be tough.

When students have a stick in hand
And teachers call them “Miss”…
When love is shown by slaps and kicks
And hatred by a kiss.

When cars start flying up above
And sky has traffic jams,
When new borns start with running,
And men will move in prams.

When rainbows fail to ornament
The beauty of the sky…
When people say “ Hello”,
In places of “Good-Bye “.

When sky will fall below
And earth will be above,
Will you still be there with me,
Wherever I am “My Love”?

Whatever weird may happen
To the country, town and city,
Will we be holding hands
Until eternity?

:) It was signed with love, of course.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Our Summer of 69!

Have you ever experienced what it feels to be in a "out of the frying pan, into a fire" situation? When everyone besides yourself seems to look like an alien landed from Jupiter or Pluto? Have you ever experienced a feeling of being thrown amidst a bull fight ornamented in red? Lol...No?

Ohk, lets try this... have you ever had nightmares of formatting word documents or making Power point presentations? like the bullets and fonts and so many other liliputian midget like... a#%H^$@* chasing you and you got nowhere to hide? No? Geez...you mean to say i m the only jerk breathing on the surface of this planet full of intelligent souls?

ok, i cut the crap. I wanted to be a journalist all my life but ended up being in Content. Donno how...Visited Delhi and in 7 days time landed up in NIIT Limited. A residential training for a month sounded all exciting, especially to someone who has already spent a gala 2 years in a hostel. On top of that, training was a word which always sounded like "no work, only pay" types to me, of course realizing how wrong i was, the very first day.

We were called 'Bootcampers'. 11 of us...and don't miss out the ratio...lol. 10 girls and 1 poor soul, who must be still wondering whether he was more unlucky than lucky to have been thrown amidst a comedy album. he he he he....

Seed was an amazing place to stay in.;) I m in no mood for a poetic prose otherwise would definetely attempt a description of the place. All i can say is, it was pretty not so hot and happening for a residential training campus. 10 of us were alloted 3 rooms, Rohan of course being out of the lot. ;)

"The great question . . . which I have not been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is `What does a woman want?" Wasnt that Sigmund Freud? i m sure all of us realized how true this was in that one month of staying together. I never knew i could crib so much myself...Gosh!

We were assigned two mentors...and Freud's words applied to them more than it did to us. We still dont understand what they wanted out of us...lol...

I v studied English all my life, being fairly good at it and could well spell the words 'Computer' and 'Technology' before NIIT happened. Never knew that they needed everything out of me except the spelling...:(

One fabulous routine that prison had prepared for us, which of course we never followed....We were supposed to begin our day with a morning walk...f%^*(lol..). infact we never got to sleep at all...Delhi summers and the air conditioners were turned off in the wee hours of the morning, which sounded more like a nonverbal challenge "sleep if you can!" And, I actually won. lol! Classes began at 9, prior to which was Breakfast TIME! Don't remember a day when i enjoyed my breakfast, not coz the food sucked but i didn't know how to get rid of the innumerable butterflies flying in my stomach on account of the battle, which followed...CLASSES!

"Make an ILT on Robohelp..."was the first assignment showered on us, signed, With Love! Helllllow...what on earth is that now? "has it got to do something with robotics?"... was my first apprehension and unfortunately it turned out to be far more distant and alien to me than a robot. Time seemed less and soon we were loaded with assignments, one after the other...all about a requirements document, a design document, a prototype and a storyboard...GOSH! Robphelp and then all of this for a person who was trying to cope up with what a microsoft word manual had to say was a little too much, honestly, and considering that the person was ME made it all the more difficult. Very soon i got famous in life! :D...CRIB, CRIB, CRIB...CRY CRY CRY!
:( Day in and out, i victimised one or the other, my mom topping the chart, of course. lol! there used to be an hour in the course of the day, everyday in fact, when i thought, i won't be able to make it. " i m going back to cal..." My stapled dialogue that was, and they would all laugh!

Didnt quite know how i would survive my one month! but i guess now i know how i did. Courtesy to all the specimens around me...
Shruti was the first person i happened to meet and know. Tiny, extremely talkative and a typical delhi ite at the first look. We chose to be roomates in SEED. Diametrically opposite, thats what we were. she, outspoken, me an introvert...she talks hell lot, i preffered keeping it shut, she, absolutely neat and tidy with the cupboard, me, proudly messy...:P LOL!
Hold on for that one similarity, we both loved cribbing....she, about the AC and the tap and the water and the window...heheheheheh....and me about my all time foe, TECHNOLOGY !

Got to know Pooja when she was a team member of my disastrous robohelp assignment. Quite at peace with herself. Her only 'not so peaceful' distraction was probably " me the highness" :P Patient to the core, who jhelofied (tolerated) every bit of my "not so needed" ...."yeh kyun hota hain? woh kyun hota hain?" (P.S. yeh and woh stands for stupid things like Cntrl C and Cntrl V and S and donno wht else....)

My day began with peeking into her system trying to wonder why she is doing what she is doing interpolated with sulking face and dialogues like: "oye... meine kya daba diya ke sab gayab ho gaya"...:(

She never had a choice but to smile and still put up with me.

Samira was more startled with me than with anything else...kyun Samy? ;) "yaar, yeh ladki itna kyun roti hain?" was her daily reaction..and why not? bindaaaas would be the word for her. I dare not use words like epitome of strength and blah blah even if she deserves it...cant mitti mein milao my blog with cliches for sure.;) have you ever come across a person with a complete sense of speaking nonsense sophisticatedly? lol...She joined the bootcamp to get free net access so that she could 'job search'...:D...breathing in Naukri.com all day, thats all i remember of her of those days...

hordusso,,, ki haal hain? Kainu faru? hehe...let that be incomplete...

Hope i dont sound like i m posting a biography...but story without characters isn't too happening nah? :) So, you got to know the people who still makes me feel like " those were the best days of my life."

SO, do I go about with the next lot? Just few more to go...

Pallavi and Nidhi can be safely clubbed together wen memories race 2 yrs back. Sharing the same room, always late for breakfast... seeing their faces you would never imagine that they can be so hilarious when they open their mouth...extremely funny would be the word. People utilise a 5 minutes break to eat, drink, fag...Nidhi would use it for sleeping. Baat baat pe sone chali jaati thi...he he...haan bhai, karte kya they, tum dono raat ko? ;)

Puchkarte raho toh khush...Amandeep or well known as respected Tweety ji. :D God has gifted her with a height that surely makes you feel...she s grown up. Otherwise, forget it! She and her soft toy...that yellow stupid looking nonliving creature...:P s

saintly and mahaan(you have to believe me). and she knows why i write this. lol... ;) and readers who don't understand the heck of it, chill, not a mandate.:)

I'd even pair up Manika and Priyanka when I rewind the wheels. :) The serious lot..both of them. Confession time: seeing them always made me scared and tensed about my worth out there. They were really good and their ever composed self made it look even better. Gosh, i don't believe i'v actually got into serious words while writing about them. :D But...they deserve it. Only people in the entire bootcamp who probably turned through the pages of the books that were given to us(and looked more like telephone directories to me..:P) and knew what they contained. I still don't know. :P

That reminds me, Josephina was also among the sweeter lot... so softspoken that I doubted many a times "eeeeesh, I am going deaf and that too so early in life"..:( Missed you Josie...for that 'one' year, which you didn't get to be with us but more for the three months we got lucky to spend with you.

Smirti was the miracle machine...loafing here and there, everywhere,...and still the first to finish up with tasks. I'm guessing she had a gini...:) lol...hey, you donno what a gini is? that alladin's lovable bhoot...who did everything he asked him to do? The fascinating love story we got to see on campus...Reena's love for Smirti and vice versa...:P One bit, which i'll never forget about her is her waking up in the wee hours of the morning and sitting all ready and decked at the corner of her bed...when we had barely rubbed our eyes to realize....oh F%& its morning...:D

Coming to the apple of our eye...hehehehehe.....Rohan Gupta. One weirdo...i m just hoping he never reads my blog...

very helpful indeed...how can i disagree, if not for him I would have never learnt "daalna"...bullets buddies...now don't you dare start smirking again. :P Ekta Kapoor would have definetely casted this guy for her disastrous movie "Gayab" instead of her turn off bro...if only she knew how well Rohan justified this title....

GAYAB...he was eternally so...lost in his own world, own thoughts, own donno what else...I wonder at times why a genius like him ever did the mistake of joining NIIT. :D None other than Bill uncle (Mr.Gates) could appreciate his inventions...not our respected Moonlight for sure.:D

Last but not the least, you already know the calamitous, cataclysmic, catastrophic, dreadful, and tragic ME...:)

I' m not at my sentimental best and I truly avoid being anywhere near to it these days...but of all the things I'll never forget in life, is my association with the characters appended above. Guess we truly complimented each other, being good or bad, being weird or superweird...:D everything fell into its place...and still does. :) We bet it does, our shit luck.;)

Be it hogging onMaggi like we v been released from the parched and starved Somalia, or didn't know that something which looked like "dhaga" and was called noodles could be eaten as well...be it staying awake till past midnight and yakking more important stuffs than functioning on moronic Power point presentations...be it crying over ex boyfriends or planning over new ones...be it creating accounts on jeevansaathi.com or some other crapmatrimony.com...got to agree that life was fun. adil, reena, moon, canteen wala bhaiya, reena's takla driver and her unforgettable "ting ti ting ting" ringtone....all had their own importance.

No professional competition, we were like kids lounging on the way to a tougher life. WHat we did not know is that the best days of life are only called BEST when they are bygone...:)

I would not want to conclude this...coz i d never want to see an end. Already sprewed here and there... yet the bond remains. Thanks to Seed...would never realize otherwise that there are things far more precious in life than a sum drawn per annum.:)