Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My first show..."THE MAGNUM OPUS"

First love...

was just thinking if that 's supposed to be a censored issue on blog...:D more so, when the "ex wex"...is a part of the same platform where my blog is widely visible...lol

But guess, i m carrying that "who cares the heck" air around me today, so thought i'd share it nevertheless...

I started pretty early in life..lol...not getting into the pros and cons of it...just one incident and one part of my action towards it, which is pretty close to me, even today...

The dude was an amazing artist. Have to agree. Still believe that was the best thing about him. And hey, when I draw or paint or sketch...rather any action of that genre...I am a little more than terrible. :) After all, if a sketch of a cow has to be labelled " A cow" so that people don't mistake it for a dog...what does it say of my skill? Hehehehe....
One valentine's day.

i still remember receiving greetings with amazing cartoons sketched on them, which would make any dame drool on it, regardless! ;) I, of course didn' t have the option of returning something back with the same excellence...

Even drawing a perfect heart shape thingy was being over ambitious for me...and i stay away from herculean massacres...lol. The only heart i remember drawing was for my secondary biology class...with arteries and veins and god knows what what...running between here and there making an ass of themselves...:D Just managed to pass on those...

Love is blind but Cupid would still curse me if i used those for my St. Valentino...:P

I thought i'd write something to match the skill...and that got a little arduous...

Rest is history...Amen...lol!

Let everything change……except you !

When the dawn will start with moonbeams
And daylights will be dark,
When dogs start saying “ Meow Meow”
And cats will do the bark.

When morns are spent in sleeping
And nights are for the jobs,
When happiness makes you cry so much
And smiles in place of sobs…

When earth will be at standstill
And Sun will move around,
When lights will be all darkness
And horns will make no sound.

When ice creams will be medicines
For fever, cold and cough,
When answers will be asked in tests
And questions will be tough.

When students have a stick in hand
And teachers call them “Miss”…
When love is shown by slaps and kicks
And hatred by a kiss.

When cars start flying up above
And sky has traffic jams,
When new borns start with running,
And men will move in prams.

When rainbows fail to ornament
The beauty of the sky…
When people say “ Hello”,
In places of “Good-Bye “.

When sky will fall below
And earth will be above,
Will you still be there with me,
Wherever I am “My Love”?

Whatever weird may happen
To the country, town and city,
Will we be holding hands
Until eternity?

:) It was signed with love, of course.


Rakesh said...

u know something never visited blogs but thnks to u i see urs evry day some how some wr u seem to say wht i think but in such a gr8 fashion. thnks for writing such gr8 thghts and thensharing them.

Letz rewind said...

My pleasure Rakesh..:) Its a joy at times to pen down but even greater joy to hear that someone identifies with it. Thanks. keep reading!

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Dheeraj said...

1 long postNo post off late???????!

everoptimistic said...

Am confident that you still receive wonderful sketches, if not cartoons, from the receiver, for the poem you wrote and signed aptly deserve so. Yet to read other posts, but sure it would be an enjoyable experience.